Middle School

Middle school is a very difficult transition time for many children they are in the first stages of becoming a teenager.  Our middle school teachers, know that our students will be experiencing a staggering amount of change during their adolescent years.  This transition is particularly experienced in their brains. In fact, our students are experiencing the second greatest brain growth of their lifetime while in our classrooms.

Here are some interesting facts about the middle schooler’s mind:

  • Middle schoolers typically have a 10-12 minute attention span.
  • The brain growth between the ages of 10-15 is the second greatest growth in human life.
  • Adolescents misinterpret emotions and instructions up to  40%  of the time.

We will help our students get through this transition period with create ways in teaching.  A great start to helping our adolescents focus while their brain is developing is to teach mini-lessons.  Although we have a 90 minute block schedule, we will offer ” brain resets”.  This could include giving students an opportunity to change tasks and allowing them to practice and demonstrate what they are learning. Teaching with five short activities rather than one long lecture is a great way to keep developing brains thirsting after more knowledge.

As the brain develops, all the unused connections are getting “pruned” away. At the same time, other connections are getting strengthened. It is our job as a Christian school to keep Christ in the connections that are being strengthened.