Faculty And Staff

Our faculty and staff members are dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality Christ-centered education available. To contact our school, click a secretary’s email button below their listing.

 2018-2019 Staff Members


Larry Duffer


Jr/Sr High Academic Dean

Alana Dysart

Math and Science Teacher

Elementary Academic Dean

Tricia White

Junior High Teacher

School Secretary

Julia Castillo


Church & Finance Secretary

Samantha Sutphin

s_sutphin@ southviewchristian.org

Elementary School

Kindergarten 3 and 4 year olds

Gabriella McKeithan

2nd Grade Teacher

Jamison Edwards

K5 Teacher

Deanna Holden

3rd Grade Teacher

Jane Carter

1st Grade Teacher

Jessica Williams

4th Grade Teacher

Sybil Diller

5th Grade Teacher

Mariah Duffer

6th Grade Teacher

Danae Dawson

Junior High and High School

High School Mathematics

Stacy Blevins


Latatia Cavin

Facilities Coodinator

Stanley Cavin

Spanish Teacher

Robyn Paquette

Fine Arts Coordinator

Natalie Woolledge

Fundraising Coordinator

Cory Barnette

English Teacher

Gail Moseley

Boy's Bible Teacher

Stephen Seaford

Girls Bible Teacher

Christi Gordon